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ESG Activities


Mabuchi Motor’s management philosophy, "Contributing to International Society and Continuously Increasing Our Contribution." embodies the wish to raise the extent of the company’s contribution to society, and to continue being an indispensable company to the world, alongside the hopes that everyone who belongs to the Mabuchi group will “actively contribute to society through their work as a member of the company,” “cherish not just people but also nature and the environment, as well as the millions of other beings on the earth, and achieve personal growth by coming to gain a sense of fulfillment not solely through material wealth.”
Based on this philosophy, we are actively tackling the 3 perspectives that ESG presents.

Initiatives towards Environment

Environmental Activities Required for Motors

  • Our products, motors, are required to respond to issues considering environment, such as laws and regulations of each country, customer-specific standards, applications, and export destinations. In addition to responding to social needs, we believe that advancing to a society that shares environmental information is the responsibility of Mabuchi Motor.

Manufacture of Environmentally Conscious Products

  • Based on one of our Management Policies, "promote business activities that have minimal negative impact on the environment and that strictly abide by safety standards," we are designing and developing environmentally-friendly motors.
    We at Mabuchi are producing eco-friendly products for the entire society by improving the performances of consumer products. We are doing this by increasing the energy efficiency, reducing the size and weight, increasing the output, and lengthening the service lives of our motors.

Production in Consideration of the Environment

  • We are working in various ways to reduce environmental impact not only with respect to the motor parts themselves, but also for chemicals used in production, power used to drive production equipment and machinery, and the working environments of our employees.

Prevention of Global Warming, Contamination Prevention

  • We are focusing on activities to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, which has a large impact even among other greenhouse gases that are said to be the cause of global warming. Every year, as one of our environmental goals – “The Promotion of Energy Conservation” – we reduce our carbon footprint by 1% from the previous year (base unit), and encourage ① the rendering of company-wide activities visible and the promotion of energy conservation (electricity, air, water, gas, petroleum, etc.), ② the promotion of energy efficiency in our labour-saving equipment, and ③ the development, purchase, and introduction of energy-efficient equipment.

Reduction and Recycling of Wastes

  • The entire Mabuchi Group is taking on the challenge of "Zero Emissions" in an effort to produce a recycling society, one in which waste is recovered and reused in the form of resources to reduce landfill waste.

Initiatives towards Society

Contribution to Society through Corporate Activities

  • We place the highest priority on contributing to society. As a manufacturer of small motors, we operate our business based on the idea of contributing to the realization of an affluent society and pleasant lifestyles by providing higher quality products at lower prices.

Educational Support

  • Mabuchi aims to contribute to the development of society by extending various types of support to local communities and international society. This is an effort in line with our management principle "Contributing to International Society and Continuously Increasing Our Contribution." As one such activity, we provide educational support to the young people who will lead the next generation, to help them grow up surrounded by the joy of science and manufacturing.

Regional Support

  • We aim to realize our management philosophy, "Contributing to International Society and Continuously Increasing Our Contribution." through supplying better motors, job creation and technology transfer in the areas where we operate, and human resource development for society,without sacrificing global environment and people's health. For this reason, environmental protection and social welfare activities rooted in the area are continuously implemented throughout the Mabuchi Group.

Human Rights Respect, Safety and Health

  • Our company is promoting the "Conduct corporate activities which preserves the earth's environment and protects human health." in the management quidelines. For this reason, we respect the basic rights of our employees, including our overseas bases, and we are actively working to create a workplace where every employee can play an active role healthily and safely.


  • By actively promoting diversity, we are working to create an environment in which the Mabuchi Group employees can be active around the world without being limited to countries or regions. We have always been hiring and promoting regardless of nationality or gender. In recent years, we have been putting more effort into it and aiming to create new value by taking advantage of each feature by having a global sense among all our employees.

Balancing Work and Life

  • The key to our company is “to position people as the most important business resource and effectively utilize them through work and nurture people who are useful for society.” We are also striving to create a stimulating work environment at every workplace, including overseas bases, by respecting the basic rights of employees and encouraging them to pursue self - development and self - fulfillment individually.

Communication with Employees

  • Mabuchi Motor holds qualification incentive programs, English learning support and training to create employee self-development and a comfortable working environment, as well as events such as garden parties and sports competitions that stimulate communication


Fundamental Thinking Regarding Corporate Governance

  • The basic purpose of developing and implementing proper corporate governance is to sustainably increase the profit to all stakeholders, including shareholders, by creating proper profits and improving corporate values.

Management Monitoring System

  • In 2019, we have changed to a company with Audit & Supervisory Committee, and have appointed 4 audit and supervisory committee members, including 3 highly independent, outside audit and supervisory committee members.

Appointment of Female and Non-Japanese Directors

  • According to the leaflet “Women's Activities and SDGs: Towards Sustainability” issued by the Cabinet Office this January (2020), there are 887 companies (out of 3,740 listed companies total) with a female executive ratio exceeding 10%. Our company is on that list. We will continue to work to promote gender equality in society.

Risk Management System

  • Based on the Basic Policy on Internal Control, a director in charge of overseeing company-wide risk management will be appointed, and a relevant department under this director will be established. In addition to establishing and maintaining internal company rules and procedures necessary for the appropriate management of risks, we have taken necessary measures, such as providing education and sharing common knowledge about the above.


  • In order to realize our management philosophy, we have established the “Mabuchi Motor Ethical Standard” not only to comply with the rules and regulations of each country, but also because we believe that carrying out activities in line with corporate ethics as deemed desirable by society is a major premise. We have concretely laid out social codes of conduct like laws and ordinances that all executives and employees should follow, and plan for them to penetrate and take root in the company.