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CSR Procurement

Our Management Principle is to "Contributing to International Society and Continuously Increasing Our Contribution," and we promote CSR by contributing to the resolution of social issues through the implementation of the Management Principle. In February 2022, we established the "Mabuchi Motor CSR Procurement Guidelines" in order to promote CSR not only in our Group but also in the entire supply chain. We will realize a sustainable society through our fair, impartial, and sincere business activities while making our business partners and suppliers understood and cooperative to the “Mabuchi Motor CSR Procurement Guidelines.”

Responsible mineral procurement

Some of the minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding countries, are considered to be sources of funds for armed groups and anti-governmental organizations who act inhumanely against the local resident, and are called “conflict minerals”.
From a humanitarian perspective, we will continue to procure minerals that do not benefit groups that violate human rights, and we will deepen cooperation with our suppliers to further improve the transparency of our supply chain.

Promotion Green Procurement

By setting our own special evaluation criteria in addition to laws, regulations, and customer requests, we at Mabuchi strictly control environmentally prohibited substances designated in those standards so that they will not be included in materials and parts of products that we procure from our suppliers. We also prioritize the use of materials and members with a lower environmental impact.
We are also prioritizing purchases from suppliers certified with ISO14001, the environmental management standard.

Compliance with Corporate Citizenship

We are taking measures with an eye on the future, such as adding regulated substances and changing prohibited ranks according to European RoHS Directive, European ELV Directive, European REACH Regulation Restricted Substances / SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern), Japanese Chemical Substances Law * 1 Class 1 Specified Chemical Substances, GADSL (Automotive Industry Voluntary Standards), other laws and regulations, requirements from customers. From the enforcement of the European RoHS Directive in 2006 to the present, environmental accidents have not occurred even once due to daily communication with business partners and active efforts to audit the use and storage status of environmentally hazardous substances. We will continue to promote green procurement activities together with our customers and business partners.

*1 Chemical Substances Control Law: Law concerning examination of chemical substances and regulation of manufacturing, etc.

Outline of the Mabuchi Motor Green Procurement System

Green procurement flowchart

Progress of Green Purchasing

Office Supplies

Register environmentally friendly goods as company standard products

Environmentally friendly stationery and office supplies are designated as company standard products and purchased by our head office.

Office furniture and fixtures

Preferentially purchase goods complying with Act on Promoting Green Purchasing

As to office automation equipment and office furniture, we explain our effort on environmental issues as “Request of Environment Conservation” to suppliers and preferentially purchase goods complying with Act on Promoting Green Purchasing.

Company Car

Select battery vehicles

We are switching commonly used passenger vehicles for business use from gas-powered vehicles to battery vehicles and gas-and-electric cars (hybrid cars) and selecting low-emission/fuel-efficient certified vehicles when replacing big-size cars like truck.