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Contribution to Society through Corporate Activities

We place the highest priority on contributing to society.
As a manufacturer of small motors, we operate our business based on the idea of contributing to the realization of an affluent society and pleasant lifestyles by providing higher quality products at lower prices.

1. Social Contribution by Manufacturing and Sale of Small Motors
Mabuchi Mortor provides a stable supply of high-quality products that are friendly to environment and has been adopted as standard products in many fields such as Automotive Products and Life & Industrial Products. We contribute to realization of convenient and confortable life.
2. Social Contribution by global business development
Since succeeding in its first overseas expansion in 1964, the Mabuchi Group has consistently emphasized its corporate activities from a global perspective. By establishing a global system to achieve local production for local consumption, and by expanding our business globally, we are currently creating jobs in the countries where we conduct business.
Furthermore, by increasing the income of our employees, we contribute to a higher standard of living and the economic development of each country.
The Mabuchi Group's development overseas contributes to the revitalization of neighboring industries, such as the production of raw materials, parts, and packaging materials used for local production, while simultaneously promoting the transfer of technology to each area.
We have been promoting the localization of such activities in advance and will continue to promote the economic development of each country and region.
3. Contribution to society through contribution to the tax base
Our corporate activities are dependent upon the social infrastructures of the countries in which we operate, such as roads, ports, and water supplies. Those infrastructures are developed and maintained by tax money from people and companies of the country. Accordingly, it is one of our fundamental responsibilities to fulfill the tax obligation required by the laws of each country and region, and this recognition must be shared with the entire group.