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Educational Support

Mabuchi aims to contribute to the development of society by extending various types of support to local communities and international society. This is an effort in line with our management principle “Contributing to international society and continuously increasing our contribution.” As one such activity, we provide educational support to the young people who will lead the next generation to help them grow up surrounded by the joy of science and manufacturing.

Co-Sponsoring a Robot-Building Contes

Mabuchi has been co-sponsoring the National Technical College Robot Contest and the ABU Robot Contest and the College Robot Contest by providing motors and funds for them. We support these events in the hope that we can help to foster future engineers and develop science and technology.

ABU Robot Contest 2018
Student Robot Contest 2019
National Technical College Robot Contest 2018

Activities to Support Scientific Education for Children

Exhibition and Support for Events at the Science Museum

Mabuchi has been presenting a permanent exhibition at the Science Museum (Chiyoda - ku, Tokyo) to support scientific education for young people. Displays include an explanation on the mechanism of motors, various motors used in our daily lives, and handicrafts powered by a motor.
We have also been holding science experiment classes with the museum.

The Motors World corner of the Science Museum
Science experiment class in the Science Museum (Headquarters)

Summer classes for kids

Every year, we hold "Summer classes for kids" for children (4th to 6th grade) and their parents who live in Matsudo City, where the Headquarters is located, so that many children can experience the joy of manufacturing. We have also conducted "Teaching science and experimentation" by our employees. In 2020, due to the COVID-19, we canceled these activities considering the health and safety of children and employees first, but we introduced some contents for kids on our homepage so that they can enjoy their work through online.

Summer Vacation Handicraft Class with our employees as instructors
Classes held in a local elementary school (Headquarters)

Support to Kashiwa Reysol Academy as a sponsor

As part of our local community contribution and educational support activities, we concluded a uniform sponsorship agreement with Kashiwa Reysol Academy, established as an organization for helping human resources to become football players of Kashiwa Reysol, a professional football team. We also support the youth class of Kashiwa Reysol based in the Higashi Katsushika area, where our Headquarters is situated.

Reysol Academy Uniform
Mabuchi is the Reysol Academy Youth Class team's uniform sponsor

Activities to Support for Education at Overseas Bases

Support for education at overseas bases

At overseas bases, we also continue to provide educational support such as constructing school buildings, supporting scholarships, and donating books and learning supplies to students from local elementary school to university. In 2020, a charity was held by employees of Kaohsiung Mabuchi, and donated school bags, picture books, etc. to children in need of financial support.

Workplace Experience and Observation

The Headquarters regularly accepts pupils from elementary schools in the community to cooperate in their career education at school.
Overseas bases are also inviting local students to observe workplaces.