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Notes on use

  1. Products introduced in this Product Information are subject to improvement without any prior notice. Also, the products introduced here are our standard models and are available with some optional specifications in respect of shaft length, number of winding turns, and so on.
  2. Products introduced in this Product Information are intended for use with general electronic devices. If they are to be used for any other purpose requiring extremely high reliability, please contact our Sales Headquarters or Sales office in your area.
  3. Values indicating product performance in this Product Information are reference values. Actual product specifications will be in accordance with the officially agreed product specification.
  4. Product performance and characteristics may change due to various external factors such as temperature, humidity, and organic gas. When using motors, Make sure to read the general instructions for use of motors.
  5. The performance represents the average value and the dimensions are for the standard model.
  6. There are usually three commutator positions available for our motors namely, "Neutral", "CCW+" and "CW+". The motor with either "CCW+" or "CW+" is for the use exclusively in the direction of rotation as shown in the drawing. For bi-directional use, we are prepared for "Neutral" commutator position. However, the arrow indicates the recommended direction of rotation in this case.
  7. "Typical Applications" in this Products Catalogue are examples of the motor uses. They shall not be understood as the warranty, Whether express or implied, of the fitness of the motor therefor.