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General Instructions for Use of Motors

In handling Mabuchi motors, be sure to read these general instructions to ensure safe, secure, and correct use of the motors.
For more information, please contact us directly or through our sales and representative offices.


  1. Do not insert a lead or a motor terminal into a home outlet. You might get an electric shock from this.
  2. When applying current, do not touch a live part such as a current-carrying terminal. You might get an electric shock from this.
  3. When applying current, keep your hand or finger off a rotary part. Otherwise, you might get hurt.
  4. DON'T leave motor shaft locked while power is applied, as even a short-time lock-up may cause excess heat build up resulting in burning damage to the motor depending on its specifications.
  5. Depending on motor operating state (mounted state, load, and environmental temperature), the motor might generate excessive heat. Be careful not to burn yourself due to the heat.