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Global Careers

Global Hiring: Powering our Future

HR Message

At Mabuchi, our employees are constantly working to expand our business activities on a global scale, in order to realize our management policy of “Contributing to International Society and Continuously Increasing our Contribution.” Because of this, we are looking for talented employees, regardless of country or region of origin, who are enthusiastic about using their skills to provide quality products to customers around the world. We value hiring each employee for the position that best fits their specific talents, and allows them to not only contribute to Mabuchi’s goals, but to personally grow to their fullest potential.

Why Mabuchi?

  • Global Opportunities: Mabuchi has branches across the globe, from Asia to Europe and North America. From their very first year at Mabuchi, our employees work not only at our headquarters in Japan, but on a global scale to reach customers around the world.
  • Constant Growth: Mabuchi has maintained a consistent business record for its entire 60-year history, and continues growing each year. As we continue expanding into new markets for small motors, as well as new regions of the world, Mabuchi employees have limitless opportunities to contribute to that growth.
  • Every Employee is Valued: Mabuchi values not only the growth of the company, but of each individual employee. We provide many training opportunities for employees at all levels, and provide opportunities for all employees to voice their ideas.

Working at Mabuchi

Available Job Opportunities

We have jobs available in many different fields, including engineering and business departments. Each department has a unique contribution to expanding Mabuchi’s global business. Some examples include:

Job Types

  • Engineering Departments
    • Product Development (R&D): Developing new motors and improving on existing designs
    • Production Technology: Designing and building the machinery used to manufacture motors, planning and testing factory production lines, etc.
    • Quality Assurance: Ensuring that our motors will be produced at high quality at all stages of the production process, and handling claims from customers
  • Business Departments
    • Sales: Selling our motors to worldwide customers and ensuring customer satisfaction
    • Production Management: Purchasing the raw materials needed to produce our products, and managing the operations of our factories
    • Administrative: Management of the company’s resources, such as finances, personnel, and facilities. Includes departments such as Human Resources, Accounting, and General Affairs.

North & Latin America


  • Sales

3001 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 328, Troy, MI 48084 U.S.A.


  • Sales
  • Production

Circuito Cerezos Oriente #105, Parque Industrial San Francisco IV, San Francisco De Los Romo, AGS 20304 Mexico
TEL:52-449-478-3200 / 52-449-478-3290(Sales)


Europe (Germany)

  • Sales
  • R&D

Herriotstrasse 1, 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


  • Production

Asia Pacific


  • Sales

111, North Bridge Road, #12-05 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098


For career opportunities at other subsidiaries not listed here, please contact directly the desired area for details.