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Business Activities

In order for our customers to use our company's products with a wider range of usage, our company is pursuing increased sophistication and cost-minimization for our products, and promoting sale optimization, from the development to production, with standardized complete parts/product standardization as our base. We are making use of our own international specialization system, and materializing high quality/stable provision of products at a low-cost in responding to the needs of the markets in all places around the world.

Continuing to respond to the needs of motors to be highly efficient, low in noise, smaller in size and long lasting, Mabuchi Motor has always been leading the market of small size motors.

From basic research, product development, modification, product design and development testing to production engineering and motor-applied technology in these small machine parts, Mabuchi has collected every wide range of technical capability that has been acquired during many years.

Even today, Mabuchi is working towards advanced technology development in understanding the movements in the market and customer's needs well in advance, and continuing to take challenges in modifying parts, material quality and processing accuracy, as well as working towards the improvement of a continuous production process, and increasing the level of customer satisfaction.

Real marketing activities are the acts of accurately understanding the functions requested by our customers and quickly realizing them.

With this belief, Mabuchi is practicing unique marketing. Highly experienced employees with the know-how, meeting with customers in each area to discuss detailed market research, and set themes for products and technology development.

By providing prompt feedback to each of those sections, we provide customers with products that are high in quality, that are delivered on time, and that are stable in supply at a low cost.

Since opening up business in China (Hong Kong) back in 1964, Mabuchi Motor has been working towards a production shift to Asian countries including Taiwan, China (Guangdong, Dalian, Jiangsu), and Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang). Up till the middle of 1980, Mabuchi has greatly contributed to the technical improvement of the current economical development with a 100% production system in place, along with improving the efficiency in production, expansion of employment opportunities in our production sites overseas and technology transferring. We are largely contributing to the economic development and technology improvement in international society.

Mabuchi is integrating its knowledge and technology, and is working towards systematic cost reduction through the stages of product design and development, improving product technology and global procurement of materials.

In the blazing deserts and on the freezing ice, Mabuchi's small motors are being used in various scenes all over the world.

In order for our products to be used safety under any kind of conditions, we conduct all sorts of rigorous tests such as the material quality of parts, accuracy in processing, change of the difference in temperature and moisture, saline matter and chemical substance, as well as noise and durability.

Furthermore, in order to produce stable products at every production site, each business site has acquired the ISO9001 or IATF16949 certification, making efforts to continually improve the management system, as well as complying to the quality system set by Headquarters and in making efforts in high quality product supply.

Solidifying a Stable Supply System by Standardizing Products

In order to become the No.1 brand in the world, it is important not only to solely develop performance, but also to establish a system to continue to steadily provide cost-effective products to places all over the world- with this belief, Mabuchi has focused on product development with "Standardization" as its key word, and is solidifying an international specialization system which will materialize strength in competitive power and stable supply in the international market. Based on thorough value analysis and constant product modifications, as well as the universality of parts and materials, Mabuchi is working on further improvements such as in product quality, lowering costs and stable supply.

Training Employees who can Contribute to the Development of Society

Mabuchi Group hopes for all of its employees to "participate in the contribution to society through their work" and "have enriched spirits that are not derived solely from material wealth." Mabuchi is making efforts in employee training through the usage and work of the right type of employees in the right place. In making use of the present regional characteristics, along with strengthening our competitive edge in the market, we are also promoting the appointment of our active local employees at our overseas locations. Mabuchi is spreading its corporate culture, focusing on its contribution to society, and through educating employees on a long-term basis, we are contributing to the development of a regional society.

Promotion of Business Activities with the Theme of Co-existence/Co-prosperity with International Society

In order to conduct sound business activities that will not sacrifice the earth's environment or the health of humans, and in order to promote co-existence and co-prosperity with the international community, Mabuchi Group contributes to economic development in overseas countries by promoting the creation of employment opportunities and transferring technology. The entire Mabuchi enterprise has established its own "Basic Policy for the Environment", eliminating substances that are harmful to the environment, and carrying out the conversion of alternate materials. Mabuchi is working towards the development and manufacturing of products that are less harmful to the environment when in use or after being disposed of, and is promoting business activities that pay special attention to the environment.