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How to Use the IR Site

About RSS


By clicking the "RSS" icon under "IR News," the latest IR information can be viewed.

  • In order to use this feature, an RSS reader or an RSS reader compatible browser is necessary.

About Printing

Print This Page

By clicking the "Printer Friendly" button on the far right of the page, the page will be displayed with navigation buttons and such removed, making it more suitable for printing.

  • It is also possible to print the page using the browser's print function.

About the Icons

PDF Icon A PDF file will be displayed in a different window.
To view a page with this icon, "Adobe Reader" (free of charge) is necessary.
Please use the below link to download it before use.
XLS Icon An Excel file will be displayed in a different window.
Different Window Icon The linked page will be displayed in a different window.

Consolidated Download of Latest IR Resources

  • Download All Materials(ZIP:6,592KB)

It is possible to download all the latest IR resources together at once.
Consolidated downloads can be performed through the Investor Information Gateway Page, the left navigation of each page, and the IR Resource Gateway Page.