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Product Uses

Since the company's foundation in 1954, Mabuchi Motor is continuing to seek possibilities in small electric DC motors with the business concept of "Contributing to International Society and Ever-expanding Our Contribution." Along with focusing on product development in meeting the needs of the market, Mabuchi is realizing high efficiency, low cost, and flexible production supply that is demanded in functional components of motors, and expanding application in extensive fields. Mabuchi is the world's leading manufacturer of small electric motors boasting 1.4-billion annual production quantity.

Strengthening the Foundations of Existing Business Fields
With Continuing Marketing Activities

Small electric DC motors that are supplied by Mabuchi Motor are being used in various fields of standard products such as automotive appliances, light electric vehicles, precision and office equipment, home appliances, power tools, toys, models, car AV equipment and the like. In order to better sustain operating bases in those existing fields, we are being active in continuous marketing activities, promoting positive technical modifications and product improvements. Mabuchi seeks improvements in all aspects of customer satisfaction, such as integrating Mabuchi Group technology and knowledge to be spread all over the world, working towards implementation of advanced technology and business restructuring of, as well as improving customer satisfaction in quality, cost and speed.

Establishing New Technical Infrastructure and Developing New Fields

With rapid technological innovations and multi-functioning/high functioning of hardware evolving in every field, new possibilities of small electric DC motors are beginning to be seen. Mabuchi Motor is looking ahead to the needs of tomorrow's market and of our customers, and in order to provide a wider range of products, we are making efforts in creating the need based on unique technical infrastructure and product development directed towards new fields.