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Prior to the Company's Establishment

1946 - 1953 In 1946, the late Kenichi Mabuchi established Kansai Rika Kenkyusyo, a scientific research institute. In 1947, the world's first high performance horseshoe-shaped magnetic motor is developed, and production begins. In the following years, development and improvement of products continues, and success is achieved in many areas of mass productions technology.

Company Establishment

1954 With the goal of manufacturing small electric motors, as well as electric appliances, models, educational materials and toys, Tokyo Science Industrial Co.,Ltd. is established, and full-scale production and sales operations begin.
1955 In order to manufacture and sell electric motor powered products, Japan Science and Industry Co.,Ltd. is established.
An automatic armature winding apparatus is developed, expanding production capacity and reducing costs.
1957 In order to promote sales activities, Mabuchi Shoji Co.,Ltd. is established to undertake export operations.
1958 Light-weight, high-performance small electric motors using ferrite (F-type) are developed.
In order to create an administrative system which can better respond to increasing demand, Mabuchi Industrial Co., Ltd. is established, and the both businesses of the above mentioned Tokyo Science Industrial Co., Ltd. and Japan Science and Industry Co., Ltd. are dissolved.
1959 Mabuchi Industrial Co.,Ltd. changes its name to Tokyo Science Co.,Ltd.

1960 -

1960 Practical, high-precision small electric motors (RM, FM types) are developed, and Mabuchi moves into the audio equipment and timepiece markets.
1962 The Tatebayashi factory is constructed to increase production capacity.
1963 A high-voltage, high-speed small electric motor (FT type) is developed, and is sold for use in model racing cars.
In order to change the par value of its stock, Takamatsu Lumber Co.,Ltd. (established in 1926) is merged and the company name is changed to Tokyo Science Co.,Ltd. At the same time, headquarters are moved to Katsushika Ward in Tokyo.
A high-power small electric motor (RS type) is developed, and the company moves into the household electronic appliance market.
1964 Management Principles "Contributing to International Society and Ever-expanding Our Contribution." is established.
Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. is established in San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, with 100% financing from the parent company, in order to supply motors to the Hong Kong market and to act as a base for the world market.
1965 A model factory for small electric motors, built upon a uniform production system, is constructed in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo. An American sales office is opened in New York.
1966 A compact, high-performance motor (RE type) goes on the market.
1967 A submarine motor as a power source for toys and hobbies goes on the market.
1968 A high-performance, low-cost motor (FA type) goes on the market.
The European Representative Office is opened in Frankfurt, Germany.
1969 With 100% financing from the parent company, Tohoku Mabuchi Co.,Ltd. is established, increasing the capacity for processing components, and thus coping with a labor shortage. (In July 1977, the company name is changed to Mabuchi Electric Industries Ltd. and the headquarters are moved to Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. In June 1989, the company name is changed to Mabuchi Finance. The articles of association are revised and the company begins to invest in securities. The company was liquidated in January 1998.)
The parent company invests Mabuchi Taiwan Co.,Ltd. in Taipei,Taiwan (The parent company's investment ratio is 50%) and joins with Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. of Hong Kong to form a motor supply network for the world market.

1970 -

1971 The company's name is changed to Mabuchi Motor Co.,Ltd.
A new headquarters building is completed in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, for consolidation and centralization of production and sales administration operations.
1972 Mabuchi's exporting arm, Mabuchi World Trade Co.,Ltd. (formerly Mabuchi Shoji Co., Ltd.), is merged with the Domestic Sales (Business) Division. A Sales (Business) Department is opened at the site of Mabuchi World Trade Co.,Ltd. (Nihonbashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo).
1973 In order to expand production at Mabuchi Taiwan Co.,Ltd., a new factory is constructed and existing production facilities are modernized.
1974 As part of efforts to streamline business management, new, high-precision machine tools reflecting the latest technology are introduced and added to the Machine Tool Division of the main factory. In addition, Mabuchi Precision Industries Ltd. is established in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, entirely through capital from the parent company, for in-house production of motor shafts.
An airplane motor goes on the market as a new power source for model airplanes.
1975 A motor with a built-in electronic governor goes on the market, allowing the company to move into new markets for cassette tape recorders, home stereo equipment and other household electronics.
Nickel-cadmium batteries go on the market, and a fastaction battery charger for home use as a low-energy electric power source goes on the market.
The Sales Department is moved to the headquarters at Matsudo, and a comprehensive administration system encompassing production, sales, technology and financial operations is established.
A geared motor goes on the market, allowing Mabuchi to enter the vending machine market and other markets.
Car mirrors motors go on the market, and the company fully enters into the automobile electrical equipment market.
1976 In order to increase competitiveness in a fluctuating world economy, and to expand productive capacity, a new production facility is constructed in Tsuen Wan by Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. of Hong Kong.
A new power system goes on the market for electrically powered radio-controlled models by combining a high-powered motor and nickel-cadmium battery that can be quickly recharged.
1977 New York Representative Office is closed. Mabuchi Motor America Corp. is established in New York City with 100% parent company financing for sales and service operations to respond directly to local needs and to focus on developing new markets. (In 1997, head office is moved to Detroit.)
1978 In order to increase competitiveness in the uncertain/fluctuating international economy, and complete productive capacity, Mabuchi Taiwan Co.,Ltd. constructs a new factory at Hukou.
1979 In order to respond to dramatically increasing demand and to expand operations, a third overseas production center, Mabuchi Motor Taiwan Ltd., is established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, through 100% Mabuchi financing (includes financing from subsidiaries).

1980 -

1980 A VCR motor goes on the market, and the company fully enters the video equipment market.
In order to increase production capacity, Mabuchi Motor Taiwan Ltd. enlarges its production facilities.
1981 An electric drill motor goes on the market, and the company fully enters the industrial equipment market.
1982 The Tateishi Factory of Mabuchi Electric Industries Ltd. is established in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo.
1984 Mabuchi Motor Taiwan Ltd. constructs a second factory.
The headquarters are moved to Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.
Mabuchi Taiwan Co.,Ltd. expands its Hukou Factory.
Through registration in the over-the-counter market, Mabuchi initiates the public sale of stocks.
Mabuchi's Technical Center is completed. In addition to concentrating research and development activities in a single facility and promoting technical information sharing, the Center is equipped with high-tech research facilities.
1985 A printer motor goes on the market, and the company fully enters the office equipment market.
1986 The Guangdong Factory of Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. in Guangdong, China, starts processing and manufacturing activities on a commission basis.
Mabuchi is listed as a member of the second section in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1987 In order to grasp the tendencies and needs of the Singapore and ASEAN markets at top speed, a representative office is set up in Singapore.
The first Chinese subsidiary company totally financed by Japanese enterprises, Mabuchi Motor Dalian Ltd. is established and the supply system for the world market is strengthened.
1988 Mabuchi Motor Shenzhen Ltd. is established in Shenzhen, China, with 100% financing from Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. to carry out maintenance of the manufacturing equipment of the Guangdong Factory of Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. and to manufacture tools. (In 1997, the company is closed and integrated with Dongguan Mabuchi Motor Equipment Co.,Ltd.)
Mabuchi's listing rises from the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the first section.
1989 A power-window motor is released, and the company enters the automobile power window market.
In order to better respond to the needs of the American automotive industry and to increase participation in the automobile market, Mabuchi Motor opens the Mabuchi Motor America Corporation Detroit Sales Office.
Mabuchi Motor (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. is established in Malaysia with 100% financing from Mabuchi Taiwan Co.,Ltd. in order to increase the production capacity of Mabuchi Taiwan Co.,Ltd. (The parent company's indirect investment ratio is 50%.)
Reflecting the growing importance of the ASEAN market, and to better respond to market movements and consumer needs, Mabuchi Motor sets up Mabuchi Motor (Singapore) Pte.Ltd. with 100% financing. Singapore Representative Office is closed.

1990 -

1991 The parent company increases its investment ratio to 76% for Mabuchi Taiwan Co.,Ltd.(In December 1997,investment ratio is increased to 78%.)
The parent company agrees to an investment increase for Mabuchi Motor (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. (The parent company's total investment ratio reaches 86%.)
1992 Mabuchi Technology Center is completed in Motono Town of Inba County, Chiba Prefecture, to expand basic and applicable research, and for development activities and technological research into the production of small electric motors.
The number of the company's shares per unit is changed from 1,000 to 100.
Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. opens the Guangzhou Office to strengthen marketing activities in China.
1993 Mabuchi Motor (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. is established in Jiangsu, China, with a 50-50 investment ratio for Mabuchi Taiwan Co.,Ltd. and Mabuchi Motor Taiwan Ltd. to meet increasing demand. (The parent company's indirect investment ratio is 88%.)
European Representative Office is closed and Mabuchi Motor (Europe) GmbH is established in Frankfurt, Germany, (with 100% financing from the parent company) to handle business expansion and to improve services for clients in the European market.
1994 Dongguan Mabuchi Motor Equipment Co.,Ltd. is established in Guangdong, China, with 100% financing from Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. to provide engineering services for the Guangdong Factory of Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. and to train factory engineers. (The parent company's indirect investment ratio is 100%.)
Mabuchi Motor Wafangdian Ltd. is established with 100% financing from Mabuchi Motor Dalian Ltd. in Wafangdian near Dalian, China, to meet increasing demand. (The parent company's indirect investment ratio is 100%.)
The parent company agrees to an investment increase for Mabuchi Motor (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. The parent company's total investment ratio reaches 92%.
1995 The parent company agrees to an investment increase for Mabuchi Motor (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. The parent company's total investment ratio reaches 93%.
Mabuchi Precision Industries Hong Kong Ltd. is established in Hong Kong with 100% financing from Mabuchi Precision Industries Ltd. to produce motor shafts in Guangdong, China. (In 2006, in order to continue shaft production in Guangdong Province, specified Ludong Factory of Mabuchi Precision Industries Hong Kong Ltd. as a contract processing factory of Mabuchi Industry Co., Ltd., and dissolved Mabuchi Precision Industries Hong Kong Ltd.)
1996 Mabuchi Motor Vietnam Ltd. is established in Bienhoa near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with 100% financing from the parent company to meet increasing demand and to expand the labor force.
1997 The Guangzhou Office of Mabuchi Industry Co.,Ltd. is closed and a new representative office is opened in Shanghai to improve customer service and marketing activities in the Chinese market.
1999 The ISO 9000 series and QS 9000 series, international quality management and quality assurance standards, are received by every Mabuchi facility that apply for certification. (Mabuchi Motor Dalian Ltd. was the first to receive the ISO 9000 series certification in January 1995.)

2000 -

2001 All operating sites have acquired ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems. (Headquarters first received certification in December 1999.)
Mabuchi Group announces their " Management Vision " systematically indicating their aspiring business image.
The company receives the first Porter Prize awarded to corporations and businesses that have implemented superior strategies in innovation.
2002 Mabuchi Motor is selected by the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy as "Japan's 10 excellent corporations that have constructed a world-class business model."
Mabuchi Motor starts to co-sponsor events such as the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest and the Colleges of Technology Robot Contest, which contribute to the training of young technicians and development of science and technology.
New power window motors developed on the basis of a new concept are released, strengthening the line-up of power window products for automobiles.
In order to develop motor actuator technology, strengthen the automobile electric equipment market and break ground for new markets, power unit motor department is established.
In order to strengthen the sales system for the expanding China market, Mabuchi Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is established, while the Shanghai representative office is dissolved.
2003 Establishment of the Santa Clara office in California in order to strengthen the sales system in the West Coast.(In 2008, the office is closed and integrated with Mabuchi Motor America Corp.)
The oil retaining bearing plant construction was completed at Mabuchi Motor Dalian Ltd. In-house production of oil retaining bearing started.
2004 All shares held by minority shareholders of Mabuchi Taiwan Co., Ltd. acquired and it became 100 percent-held subsidiary of us.
The Dongguan Representative Office opened in Dongguan to strengthen the sales base in South China.
The new plant was constructed at Dongguan Mabuchi Motor Equipment Co., Ltd. to strengthen the supplementary functions, in China, of the Head Office and to centralize the production equipment and the production of precision parts.
The new Head Office construction on the concept of "open value creation space friendly to people and the environment" was completed.
2005 As parts of reorganization of production bases based on the foresight into the future, established our fully-owned Mabuchi Motor Danang Ltd. in Danang city, Vietnam in March, and it was resolved in November by the Board of Directors to wind up Mabuchi Motor (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Established Mabuchi Motor Compliance Manual (as of April 1st, 2006, it was relabeled as Mabuchi Motor Ethical Standards) and provided explicitly the standards to be observed in executing the work.
Opened Mabuchi Motor Historical Center of Technology for the purpose of correctly communicating/passing down Mabuchi's history and "DNA" to our employees and contributing to the practice of Mabuchi Management Philosophy.
Established Mabuchi Motor Korea Co., Ltd. in order to reinforce Mabuchi's business infrastructure in the Korean market.
2006 Launching of the "Hot Line" for the purposes of answering questions regarding the "Mabuchi Motor Ethical Standards" and preventing activities which conflict with the Standards.
Opened Dongguan Mabuchi Motor Equipment Co., Ltd. Motor Research & Development Center in order to carry out activities for designing products and developing production technologies in China in conjunction with the Head Office.
2007 The company develops compact high-torque motors for automotive products.
2008 Founded Mabuchi Motor Trading (Shenzen) CO., Ltd. in Shenzhen, China for the purpose of strengthening both customer service and distribution system in southern China. Dongguan Representative Office (in Dongguan, China) handed over its corporate functions to the new sales office and was dissolved to form a better organization.
A power seat motor is released, and the company enters the automobile power seat market.
Established "Production engineering innovation center" aiming for the realization of the production system which can flexibly cope with the changing business environment.
2009 Dongguan Mabuchi Motor Equipment Co., Ltd. changed the name of company to Mabuchi Motor (Dongguan)Co.,Ltd. The company starts motor production in April, 2009.
Mabuchi Motor Danang Ltd. Expanded its facility to optimize motor production.
Mabuchi Motor (Yingtan) Co., Ltd. was established and 100% owned by Mabuchi Industry Co., Ltd. Mabuchi Motor (Yingtan) Co., Ltd. aims to enhance cost competitiveness by creating small and flexible production management.
Mabuchi introduces corporate officer system (executive officer system) to respond the change in management climate and enhance the corporate governance.
Mabuchi Industry Co., Ltd. established Mabuchi Precision (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. as business succession at the location of Mabuchi Industry Co., Ltd. Ludong factory for the purpose of stabilizing long time business operation for precision parts production base.

2010 -

2010 Mabuchi received "Corporate Activity Award" from Tokyo Stock Exchange in recognition of its pioneering corporate activities for corporate code of conduct in listing rules.
Accelerated restructuring of production bases
Converted Guandong Factory No.1 into a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. Established Mabuchi Motor Dongguan Daojiao Co.,Ltd.
Terminated production at Guandong Factory No.2.
Converted Guandong Factory No.3 into a branch firm of Mabuchi Motor (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd.
2011 In order to pursuit cost competitiveness for surviving against international competition, established Mabuchi Motor (Jiangxi) Co.,Ltd, which is the second production base in Jiangxi Province, China and is wholly owned by Mabuchi Industry Co., Ltd.
In order to enhance both customer service and sales structure for rapidly growing domestic markets in China, launched China Sales Promotion & Support Dept. in August, and established Mabuchi Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch in Chongqing, China in November.
Built manpower-saving manufacturing processes and promoted production innovation with a unified effort by Mabuchi Group.
2012 Inaugurated CBU (China Business Unit), in which three factors, namely production, sales and technology, are closely combined with each other, and started product development, mass-production and sales meeting local needs.
In line with the second phase of production base reorganization, launched a new base to strengthen the existing bases.
In November, MABUCHI MOTOR (JIANGXI) CO.,LTD. started its operation.
In November, the second factory of MABUCHI MOTOR (YINGTAN) CO.,LTD. was completed.
In December, a new factory specialized for a motor for power window lifters and power seats was completed in MABUCHI MOTOR (JIANGSU) CO., LTD.
Released an inner-rotor-type brushless motor and entered a market of an application for mainly driving all-in-one devices, each of which is capable of functioning as a copier/fax/printer.
2013 Sales division was established at Mabuchi Motor (Jiang Su) Co., Ltd.
Cumulative production and sales quantity of all the motors since company establishment exceeded 40 billion pieces.
2014 Established Mabuchi Motor Mexico S.A. de C.V. which is wholly owned by Mabuchi Motor Co.,Ltd. This was done in an effort to build a secure global production and supply system capable of meeting full production capacity.
In pursuit of the optimum design of the magnetic circuit, releases a motor for power seat that realizes small size and high torque with ferrite magnet.
Launches motors for engine peripherals with excellent heat and vibration resistance.
Develops a brushless motor for power-assisted bicycles and advances to the light electric vehicle market.
2015 Launches high torque type power window motor and expands lineup.
2017 In order to secure production capacity and establish a global production and supply system, Mabuchi Motor Poland sp. z o.o, (Poland Mabuchi) is established in the area of województwo małopolskie in the Republic of Poland.
Launches a door closer motor with small size, light weight, high torque and noise reduction.
2018 Mabuchi Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand Mabuchi) is established in an effort to expand sales in Thailand where automotive industry is concentrated.
With the aim of improving the competitiveness of internally manufactured parts materials, has reached a transfer contract with HANWA STEEL SERVICE (JIANGXI) CO., LTD. to subsidiary of Mabuchi , and changed the company name to MABUCHI STEEL PRODUCTS (JIANGXI) CO., LTD.
2019 Shifts from a company with supervisory board to a company with audit and supervisory committee in order to strengthen the audit and supervisory functions of the board of directors and to accelerate decision making by the board of directors.
Changes the trade name of Mabuchi Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and set up a controlling company, Mabuchi Motor (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. (Mabuchi Motor China), with the aim of further growing the Chinese business and strengthening governance..
Launches an inner rotor type brushless motor for vacuum cleaners that contributes to small size, light weight, high efficiency and power saving.

2020 -

2020 Launches motor for automotive products with approximately twice the torque while maintaining the same volume and mass as the conventional product.
2021 Acquires Electromag SA, a Switzerland manufacturer of motors for medical equipment, for the purpose of making health and medical applications a new business pillar.
Launches the lightest weight motor in our product line for power seat tilt adjusters.
2022 In accordance with the revision of the market classification of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the company's shares will be listed on the Prime Market from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Electromag SA changed the name of company to Mabuchi Motor Electromag SA.
Launches brushless motor unit equipped with a high-resolution resolver sensor that contributes to the realization of automatic control in mobile applications.
2023 In order to offer valuable solutions to our customers, including unit products, we have acquired shares in small pump manufacturer Oken Seiko Co., Ltd.