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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

To realize our Management Principle of “Contributing to International Society and Continuously Increasing Our Contribution”, we will follow our Management Markers and achieve sustainable enhancement of corporate value through resolution of the issues facing society.

  • We will pursue the full range of possibilities of small DC motors to help resolve issues confronting global society.

  • Through all of our business activities, we will show respect not only for people but also for nature, the environment and all other things and fulfil our social responsibilities.

  • To realize stable growth in the long term, we will maintain proper governance, quickly identifying risks and taking steps to eliminate or minimize these.

  • We will build strong and lasting relationships of trust with all our stakeholders and contribute to our stakeholders in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability Committee


The Sustainability Committee determines material issues, or the social issues that Mabuchi Motor shall be committed to solving. It also clarifies our sustainability goals and monitors progress towards achieving these. The Board of Directors supervises company initiatives for promoting sustainability, through direct reports from and oversight of the Committee and any relevant organizational unit. Chaired by the company president, the Committee is composed of executive officers and senior general managers of business units and head offices.