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The contents of Investor Relations are not for inviting you to purchase or sell Mabuchi's stocks but for providing you with relevant information. Please make a final decision on your investment at your own discretion.
Mabuchi is paying careful attention to the contents of Investor Relations. Please note that Mabuchi assumes no responsibility for any damages or losses you may incur due to any incorrect information or other contents posted here.
Mabuchi's earnings forecasts, including but not limited to plans and expectations, are based on certain assumptions that Mabuchi determined to be reasonable at the time of announcing these forecasts. Accordingly, please understand that Mabuchi's actual results may differ from these forecasts.
The following are major factors in causing the differences:

  • Fluctuations in exchange rates
  • Changes in economic environments, demand trends and other factors surrounding Mabuchi's business fields
  • Rapid technological innovation such as new technology and new products
  • Fluctuations in market prices of copper and the like

Please note that factors that could influence Mabuchi's business performance are not limited to the factors above.