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Introduction of Brushless Motors

IS Series (Motor/Controller/Cables)

Brushless motors suitable for autonomous mobile robots, small personal mobilities, etc.

MS Series (Geared Motor/Drive Unit/Controller/

Brushless motor with accessories (reducer, brake, wheel and bracket) were attached to it.

IR/MR Series (Motor with a Resolver Sensor/Geared Motor/Controller/Cables)

Introducing IS/MS series motors and units equipped with a resolver sensor equivalent to 15-bit resolution.

IA-IB Series (Hollow Frameless Motors)

We will introduce four products that allow you to select the optimum diameter and output for each joint of collaborative robots.

ID-659ZA (For Vacuum Cleaner)

A compact, lightweight, high-efficiency brushless motor with high rotation and high output optimized for vacuum cleaner applications.


IN/IS Series for Medical Equipment Applications(Mabuchi Electromag Products)

Brushless motors for medical equipment applications,such us ventilators for hospital care/home use, dental treatment equipment, surgical power tools.