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Sustainability Initiatives

Activities towards Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Mabuchi Group views the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as goals that enable us to grow economically while taking care of people. To achieve these goals, we continue to make proactive social and environmental efforts for each of them.
From 2021 to 2023, we have set key issues that are unique to our company in line with our Management Guidelines, and have established KPIs as our mid-term sustainability targets and worked on them.

Currently, we have established four new materialities and eight corresponding sustainability indicators, and are promoting sustainability initiatives for the period from 2024 to 2030.

Sustainability Targets (2024-2030)

Details of Efforts KPI 2024 Targets 2030 Targets
Reduction of environmental impact in all activities within the Group including development, procurement and production CO2 emission reduction rate from 2018 level (Scope 1 and Scope 2) ▲3% ▲30%
Development and sales expansion of products that deliver compactness, weight reduction and energy savings Net sales growth rate for sustainable products and sustainable products premium (from 2023 level) +20% +70%
Details of Efforts KPI 2024 Targets 2030 Targets
Sales expansion of "products for health equipment and medical device applications" and "motors that contribute to  improvement of safety of automobiles (seat-belt pretensioner, electric parking brake, optical axis adjustment, haptic technology, etc,) and improvement of environmental performance (valve actuator, grill shutter)  Net sales growth rate for applications that contribute to SDGs (from 2023 level) +5% +70%
Details of Efforts KPI 2024 Targets 2030 Targets
Development and appointment of female executives and managers at sites in Japan and all over the world  Percentage of women with managerial roles 17% 20%
Promotion of work overseas (secondment of employees from their own sites to sites in other countries and dispatch of trainees) Number of employees with global work experience 457 (cumulative) 620 (cumulative)
Providing opportunities to deepen interest in science to children who are the next generation Number of participants in craft classes, delivery classes and others for children 700 5,000
(cumulative total from 2024)
Details of Efforts KPI 2024 Targets 2030 Targets
Measures to prevent industrial accidents, improve working environments in offices and factories, and promote work-life balance Frequency of occupational injuries (number of industrial injuries per million cumulative actual working hours) 0.14 or less 0.12 or less
Implement and continue the human rights due diligence process and strengthen efforts to respect human rights throughout the supply chain Number of serious human rights risks 0 0