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Message from Top Management


Since our founding, we have been providing small, lightweight, and highly efficient motors for various applications as a manufacturer specializing in small DC motors, putting into practice our management principle of "Contributing to international society and continuously increasing our contribution." Today, we contribute to the convenience, comfort, and safety of people's lives in a wide range of fields, including automotive products electrical equipment, home appliances, power tools, residential facilities, precision equipment, and office equipment. It is no exaggeration to say that our progress to date has been achieved by thoroughly considering what true value our customers seek and promoting a "Standardization strategy" to provide high-quality motors that realize that value at reasonable prices.
We are convinced that the areas in which we can make a contribution will continue to expand as we face the true value that is sought and provide optimal products to achieve the de facto standard in today's society, where there are a variety of issues to be solved and diverse needs. In addition to the applications we have provided up to now, we will increase our contribution in the following three M (M) areas: Mobility (EV, AGV/AMR, personal mobility), Machinery (robotics, industrial equipment), and Medical (medical equipment).
Furthermore, our motors have high energy conversion efficiency and output per unit weight, and can contribute to weight reduction and energy conservation in all types of equipment. The Mabuchi Group will continue to make a concerted effort to contribute to the preservation of the global environment and the happiness of all people by providing safe and environmentally friendly power at a reasonable price.
We would like to ask for your continuing support and cooperation.

Representative Director, Chairman & CEO

Representative Director, President & COO