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Dividend Basic Policy

Mabuchi's basic policy is to collect funds for research and development and capital investment, which are required for Mabuchi's growth and development, from internal reserves, to maintain financial soundness, and to actively carry out both paying long-term stable dividends and returning Mabuchi's profits such as dividend increase and stock split according to performance.

Standards for Calculating Dividends

Dividend amount is the sum of ordinary dividend and special dividend. The following are standards for calculating both dividends:

  • Ordinary dividend:
    annually 30 yen per common stock as a long-term stable dividend
  • Special dividend:
    amount as a dividend of business results, which is calculated by dividing 30% of consolidated net income by the number of total stocks
  • For the purpose of creating the environment for investors to invest more easily and expanding liquidity and investor base of our stock, we split each share of our common stock into two shares on January 1, 2015. With this share splitting, we changed standard of calculation in principle for dividend from "Ordinary Dividend: annually 60 yen per common stock" to "Ordinary Dividend: annually 30 yen per common stock". Please be advised that we have not changed anything virtually as this is only the change of standard of calculation for dividend along with the share splitting this time. Meanwhile, standard of calculation for special dividend (calculated by dividing 30% of consolidated net income by the number of total stock) remains unchanged.

Date of Record (Date of Right Allotment)

It is Mabuchi's basic policy to distribute surpluses twice a year as interim dividend and year-end dividend. The shareholders' meeting and the board of directors determine distribution of the surpluses as the year-end dividend and the interim dividend, respectively.

  • Dates of record for surpluses
    • Interim dividend: June 30
    • Year-end dividend: December 31

Dividend Status

Cash Dividend per Share

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Reference: Changes in Standards for Calculating Dividends

Year Ordinary Dividend per Share Standard Value for Calculating Special Dividend
2015 30 yen (*1) 30% of consolidated net income
2014 60 yen 30% of consolidated net income
2007(*2) 60 yen 20% of consolidated net income
2005 60 yen 20% of consolidated net income
2003 50 yen 20% of consolidated net income
1999 50 yen 5% of consolidated net income
  1. We split each share of our common stock into two shares on January 1, 2015.
  2. [Additional policy] Actual full-year dividend amount shall be based on the above calculation standards and shall not be less than the expected dividend amount announced during the full-year period unless a significant profit warning is issued.