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Future Efforts

Initiatives in the “3 M Fields” to Evolve Business Portfolio

As a manufacturer specializing in small DC motors, we use a “standardization strategy” to provide quality motor products that achieve the true value sought by customers at a reasonable price, and have widely contributed to greater convenience, comfort, and safety in people’s lives in fields ranging from automotive products to life and industrial products. We aim to continue to make this social contribution through stable management in a drastically changing operating environment by reconfiguring our business portfolio, in which motors for automotive products currently account for more than 70% of sales. In particular, we are accelerating our initiatives in three fields of focus, which we have defined as the “3 M Fields” of “mobility,” “machinery,” and “medical.”

Mobility In the automotive products area, with the increasing shift to electric vehicles, reductions in electric power consumption are being sought to extend the distance that can be traveled with limited batteries, and we are pursuing the development, manufacturing, and sales of motors with even greater added value in terms of compactness, light weight, and high efficiency. Demand is also growing for motors used in valve actuators for cooling batteries for battery heat management, and we are using our strength in having a lineup of both brush motors and brushless motors to offer solutions that meet the needs of customers, including unit options. In the area of life and industrial products, we are winning orders for mobility-use brushless motors for a variety of applications including automated guided vehicles (AGVs), small mobility, and stair lifts, and will continue to work to expand sales by continuing to develop new customers and new applications.
Machinery With the robotics market forecast to grow going forward, we aim to increase our sales of motors for collaborative robots that help to address labor shortages. We are therefore expanding our lineup of products including hollow structure brushless motors, and will pursue sales growth going forward through new applications. With regard to industrial equipment, the reduction of CO2 emissions in manufacturing processes for things like industrial products and foods has become an urgent issue, and with a widening shift from pneumatic and hydraulic systems to electric systems with higher energy conversion efficiencies, we are offering solutions to expand our business.
Medical In terms of applications for health and medical devices, we are focusing on products including motors for high value-added electric toothbrushes that contribute to people’s health. We are stepping up our efforts in the medical devices area by acquiring Electromag SA, a manufacturer of motors for ventilators and dental care devices, through M&A in July 2021, and are using Mabuchi Motor Electromag products to establish a foothold in medical devices in terms of product lineup and customer base. Also, in December 2022 we decided to acquire Oken Seiko Co., Ltd., with strength in small pumps for health and medical devices, as a subsidiary. We will work to expand our business by quickly achieving synergies to strengthen our capabilities in unit options and providing solutions in the “3 M Fields” including the area of medical devices.

Expanding Sales of Motors for Automotive Products and Life and Industrial Products

In the area of motors for power window lifters, we are working to increase further the number of models in which our products are installed, developing next-generation products that incorporate the latest technologies for the medium to long term, and further strengthening our sales activities, with the aim of further increasing our market share. Two of the three major North American automakers already use our products, and we are working to obtain business from the third, which as approved the use of our products. With regard to Japanese automakers, four are already using our products and we are aiming to increase orders with business from a fifth, while also conducting sales activities to increase our market share by having the four existing customers use our products in new models. In Europe, we are stepping up our activities to increase the number of models manufactured by European automakers that use our products.
In motors for power seats, we have obtained new orders from major Japanese and European automakers. By introducing new products that can be used in a variety of structures including recliners, height adjusters, and tilt adjusters, we are working to increase our share among existing customers and win new customers. In motor applications including electric parking brakes and door closers, we are developing and promoting sales of standard motors that can be used in a variety of applications, based on our standardization strategy.
With regard to motors for door mirrors and other existing product fields where we have a large market share, we are working toward further growth by introducing products that differentiate themselves by featuring new technologies.
In the area of motors for life and industrial products, we provide high value-added products for applications related to people’s lives, including home appliances and health and medical devices, and for commercial and industrial applications. Mabuchi Motor Electromag has advanced technological capabilities related to brushless motors and coreless motors for medical devices and have won orders for the company’s high-rotation brushless motors for power tools, and we are developing other applications. Going forward, we will strive to create synergies in development, manufacturing, and sales that will lead to overall growth in the life and industrial products business.

Global Risk Management via the Mabuchi Global Management System

We have added “diversity” that connects staff across business locations and makes use of diverse values to the “global five-pole structure,” which increases the autonomy and independence of overseas business locations to achieve local production for local consumption, as we pursue “Mabuchi global management system.” By straightening a human resource structure that serves as a platform for the promotion of human resource interaction between the head office and business locations, sharing various types of information, and holding meetings that include multiple locations, we are promoting mutual understanding and cooperation at the Group level and strengthening ties among Group locations. In addition, we are developing policies to strengthen vertical ties within each business location and implementing training and multilevel communication measures to instill a shared understanding of the Company’s policies and values. By strengthening the development, manufacturing, and sales structures at each location, we will pursue risk management at the global level to be able to offer a stable supply of high-quality products at reasonable prices despite a drastically changing market environment.

Sustainability Initiatives

Mabuchi views the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as targets that will place an emphasis on people while also facilitating economic growth. We have set sustainability targets that utilize our strengths, including popularizing automobiles equipped with features for safe driving that prevent traffic accidents in partnership with our customers, and continue to work proactively to address global environmental and social issues through our business activities. To address climate change, we have set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 30% from the 2018 level by 2030, and are pursing activities to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. We are accelerating specific measures including greater use of renewable energy and the creation of environmentally friendly products to achieve these targets. In terms of social issues, we are implementing CSR activities across entire supply chains including suppliers, addressing human rights, and pursuing activities to enhance employees’ job satisfaction. By contributing to the resolution of issues facing global society through our motor business, we are mobilizing our comprehensive Group strength toward the achievement of the objective contained in our Management Principle of “Contributing to International Society and Continuously Increasing Our Contribution.”