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Future Efforts

Expansion of Market Share in the Power Window Lifter Motor Business

With regard to motors for power window lifters, two of the three major North American automakers had already been using Mabuchi’s products, and in January 2021 we received approval from the third automaker, marking a step forward in obtaining business from that manufacturer. We will continue with our activities to increase sales by integrating the operations of America Mabuchi, our sales base, and Mexico Mabuchi, our production base, with the aim of having all three North American automakers expand the number of models equipped with our products.
In addition, three Japanese automakers had already been using Mabuchi’s products, and in 2021 we won orders from two additional Japanese automakers. We aim to increase orders from these fourth and fifth Japanese automakers, while at the same time, we are carrying out sales activities at the three Japanese automakers that had already been using our products to increase our market share by having them switch from competitors’ products to our products and use our products in new models. During the second half of fiscal 2021, Poland Mabuchi started mass production and sales for luxury vehicles in Europe. We intend to build on this to increase further the number of models made by European automakers using our products.
In the market for motors for power window lifters, the development of competitive new products has a significant effect on future business expansion, and we are developing new-generation products that incorporate the latest technologies and further strengthening our sales activities, with the aim of establishing a position as de facto standard products and further increasing our market share.

Expansion of Medium-sized and Small Automotive Motor Sales and New Applications

In the area of medium-sized automotive motors, which includes motors for power seats, motors for electric parking brakes, and motors for door closers, we are developing and engaging in sales activities for standardized motors that can be used for multiple applications based on our standardization strategy. In 2021, we began supplying new power seat products to a major Japanese customer with motors that can be used for a variety of mechanisms including reclining and height and tilt adjustment, as we work to expand our share among existing customers and develop new customers.
The automobile market has recently been experiencing an accelerating shift toward electric vehicles, and we view this trend as an opportunity for our product lineup, which boasts compact, lightweight, high efficiency, and low noise, to gain recognition. We will work to increase sales of medium-sized automotive motors by leveraging our strength of having lineups in both brush motors and brushless motors to provide solutions tailored to customer requests.

Sales Expansion of New Applications in the Life and Industrial Products Segment

The life and industrial products segment is expected to see significant growth going forward in the collaborative robots and mobility markets, and the use of Mabuchi’s products is growing as well. We are working to expand our product lineup for these growing markets, and have won orders for new hollow structure brushless motors for collaborative robots. We have won orders for mobility-use brushless motors for a variety of applications, including in automated guided vehicles (AGVs), small mobility, and stair lifts. We will continue to work to increase sales by developing products for new customers and for new applications.
We have also set a solid return to growth in the business of motors for life and industrial products with the acquisition in July 2021 of Mabuchi Motor Electromag, as we prepare to make a full-scale entry into motors for medical equipment through increased sales of high value-added products.

Pursuing Mabuchi Global Management System

We have added “diversity” that connects staff across business locations and makes use of diverse values to the “global five-pole structure,” which increases the autonomy and independence of overseas business locations to achieve local production for local consumption, as we pursue “Mabuchi global management system.” By straightening a human resource structure that serves as a platform for the promotion of human resource interaction between the head office and business locations, sharing various types of information, and holding meetings that include multiple locations, we are promoting mutual understanding and cooperation at the Group level and strengthening ties among Group locations. In addition, we are developing policies to strengthen vertical ties within each business location and implementing training and multilevel communication measures to instill a shared understanding of the Company’s policies and values. By creating solid development, manufacturing, and sales structures at each location, we will offer a stable, global supply of high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Sustainability Initiatives

Mabuchi views the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as targets that will place an emphasis on people while also facilitating economic growth. In partnership with our customers, we are working to popularize automobiles equipped with features for safe driving that prevent traffic accidents and lead to fewer fatalities, and accident-prevention functions, recognizing the importance of addressing global environmental and social issues through our business activities, and we will continue to work proactively to resolve these issues. By contributing to the resolution of issues facing global society through our motor business, we are mobilizing our comprehensive Group strength toward the achievement of the objective contained in our Management Principle of “Contributing to International Society and Continuously Increasing Our Contribution.”