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Future Efforts

Expansion of Market Share in the Power Window Lifter Motor Business

Three Japanese automakers are already using Mabuchi’s motors for power window lifters, and in 2021 we have won orders from two additional Japanese automakers. We aim to increase orders from these fourth and fifth Japanese automakers. At the same time, we are carrying out sales activities at the three Japanese automakers that had already been using our products to increase our market share by having them change from competitors’ products and using our products in new models. Two of the three North American automakers have already been using our products, and in January 2021 we won approval from the third company. We are now working to acquire business from this third North American automaker. We will continue to work to increase sales by integrating the operations of America Mabuchi, our sales base, and Mexico Mabuchi, our production base, with the aim of having all three North American automakers expand the number of models equipped with our products. We will also continue to build on the foothold we have established with European automakers to expand the models equipped with our products. In terms of the market for power window lifter motors, we are developing competitive new products, and as we see this having a major effect on business growth going forward, we will put even more effort into our development and sales activities with the aim of further increasing our market share.

Expansion of Medium-sized and Small Automotive Motor Sales and New Applications

In the area of medium-sized automotive motors, which includes motors for power seats, motors for electric parking brakes, and motors for door closers, we are developing and winning orders for standardized motors that can be used for multiple applications based on our standardization strategy, and going forward we will work both to increase our shares at existing customers and develop new customers. Recently, the trend in the automobile market toward electric vehicles has been accelerating. At Mabuchi, we are emphasizing the development of new products like motors for cooling valves that can also be used in electric vehicles, and will respond flexibly to changes in the market environment. We are also leveraging the strength of our lineup of both brush motors and brushless motors to meet new requests from customers quickly and expand our sales of medium-sized automotive motors.

The automotive industry is currently facing a period of once-in-100-year transformation and this will have an effect on the market for automotive-use motors, leading to significant changes in our customers’ strategies. Against this backdrop, in the area of small automotive motors, we are seeing an increase in inquiries from customers that previously procured motors for actuator units that include motors. We are making a full-scale effort to address the shift to unit products, and in response to this customer need, we are increasing the value we provide and strengthening our development of products that conform to changes in the market environment.

Sales Expansion of New Applications in the Consumer and Industrial Products Segment

Significant growth is forecast for the consumer and industrial products segment going forward in the robotics and mobility markets, and the use of Mabuchi’s products in these markets is increasing. As we expand our product lineups for these markets and develop new customers, sales are showing solid growth. As with customers for small automotive motors, we are receiving an increasing number of inquiries units that include motors. By responding to these needs, we are providing new added value. We have also begun full-scale shipments of a new product for high-end electric toothbrushes that have gone on sale globally, and by increasing our sales of high value-added products, we aim to return our consumer and industrial products business to a path of growth.

Implementation of a Global Base Strategy

Against a backdrop of strong demand for local production for local consumption in the Americas, Mexico Mabuchi is contributing as a driver of business growth. In Europe, Poland Mabuchi commenced mass production in the fourth quarter of 2020, and is moving forward by working with the sales base Europe Mabuchi. Through this cooperation, we are working to grow the business by providing solutions that are more closely aligned to the needs of customers in the European market.

Implementation of New Work Styles and Human Resource Strategy

At Mabuchi Motors, we consider our employees to be our most important management resource. Through the work style reforms we have introduced to date, we have been able to transition to new ways of working without incurring any major problems despite the new coronavirus pandemic. We introduced remote work at an early stage, and have made progress in addressing issues that arose during and prior to fiscal 2020, and are making work styles even more flexible by not tying employees down to places and times. We also continue to reform career development systems to allow employees to use their abilities to their fullest, and are expanding the scope of application for the job descriptions and job grades we introduced in 2020, strengthening measures to promote diversity including active participation by women, and expanding and strengthening employee training.