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IS Series (Motor/Controller/Cables)

Brushless motors for autonomous mobile robots and personal mobilities. Ask us about small lot purchase.

Product features

Smaller and lighter than typical conventional motors for AMRs and AGVs. Maximum efficiency of 90% achieved.

  1. Waterproof guarantee (conforms to IPX4)
    • IPX4 waterproof guarantee is realized by adopting a highly airtight waterproof structure around the cables and connectors while maintaining the same motor characteristics as the conventional IS series
  2. Optional items
    • Reducer: Planetary reduction mechanism suitable for high torque requirement, and can directly hold the radial load applied to the reducer
    • Controller: Optimized design for IS and MS motor series. Compact, low electrical noise and waterproof to maximize the characteristics of the brushless motor series.
    • Drive unit: Wheel, bracket, electromagnetic brake, can be selected

Brushless motors for small personal mobilities

Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as autonomous robots (AGV / AMR, etc.), personal mobilities, and power assist robots.
We have three products: the IS-94BZC with a rated output of 380W, the IS-74BZA at 200W, and the IS-B5BZA at 750W. All are IPX4 rated.


Instant Maximum Output 680W (at the 36V operation)
Rated Output 380W (at the 36V operation)
Rated Torque 1.0Nm
Operating Voltage 24V/36V
Size 85*85*Length : 45.5 (mm)
Weight About 830g


Instant Maximum Output 280W(at the 24V operation 10sec max.)
Rated Output 200W(at the 24V operation)
Rated Torque 0.6Nm
Operating Voltage 24V/36V/48V
Size 60*60*Length : 44.5(mm)
Weight About 650g

    *For samples for trial use, please contact us using the "Contact Form" at the bottom of the page.

IS-B5BZA (Coming Soon)

Instant Maximum Output 1,000W(at the 48V operation 10sec max.)
Rated Output 750W(at the 48V operation)
Rated Torque 2.8Nm
Operating Voltage 24V/36V/48V
Size 100*100*Length : 54(mm)
Weight About 1,750g

    *For samples for trial use, please contact us using the "Contact Form" at the bottom of the page.


Optimized for controlling of IS and MS motor series with waterproof (IPX4) design and cutting-edge EMC technologies.


Operating Voltage Rating: 24V, 36V DC (Battery) Input voltage range: 17-45V DC
Rated Current 9Arms
Instant Maximum Current 50Apeak
Drive System Sine Wave Drive (advance map)
Interface CAN Communication
Size W:116*D:88*H:29 (mm)
Weight About 220g
Waterproof Treatment IPX4
Low Radiation Noise Compliant with CISPR32 Class A, Class B and EN55011 Class A, Class B
High Withstand Noise IEC 61000-4-3 Compliance (Wheelchair Standard)

Cables (optional)

Cables are not included with a motor or controller.

① Power extension cable for motor

Model 67-Q22AA
Length 1,000mm
Applicable model IS-94BZC、MS-94BZA、MS-94BZB、MS-94BZC

② sensor extension cable for motor

Model 67-Q23AA
Length 1,000mm
Applicable model IS-94BZC、MS-94BZA、MS-94BZB、MS-94BZC

③ Power Cable for Controller

Model 41-L11XA
Length 1,000mm
Applicable model DS-34EC1

④ Communication cable for controller

Model 41-L12XA
Length 1,000mm
Applicable model DS-34EC1

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