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Outside Director Message

About the role of Outside Director

Since assuming the post of Outside Director in March 2017, I have been providing advice and suggestions on overall management from an external perspective based on my many years of experience in company management at an electronics manufacturer.  I am always aware of the word "eyes of the camera". For example, a golf swing is completely different from what you would imagine when you see it through a camera. Similarly, the figure that I am aware of is different from the figure that others are aware of. With the "eyes of the camera", that is, the objective third-party eyes, I try to review myself and correct any things I didn't notice. For the company, the role of the Outside Director is such "eyes of the camera", I think. As revealed by the problem of the new coronavirus, it is an era in which changes in a region in a country change the world trend. It's a time when unexpected things have become the norm, so steering a company is becoming increasingly difficult. As it's a time when unexpected things have become the norm, steering a company is becoming more and more difficult. However, even in such difficult times, we must challengingly realize the management principle of "Contributing to international society and continuously increasing our contribution" in various parts of the world. To achieve this, it is necessary to respond to change without hesitation and overcome many challenges ahead of others. I will continue to contribute to such activities as a member.

About our corporate governance

Our Board Meeting has established a system for appropriately making management decisions and supervising business execution. Therefore, there is constructive discussion and active exchange of opinions among Director members, such as Outside Director providing their opinions from a professional and objective perspective. In particular, the diversification of Director has progressed, and various opinions have been exchanged even more than before. In addition, discussions on medium- to long-term business plans and management strategies are underway at the Board Meeting.
To further strengthen corporate governance in the future, we will work to further explain the important matters and strategic issues to Outside Director in advance and provide information to them, and further improve meeting management in consideration of the diversification of the Board Meeting.
As an Outside Director, I would like to contribute to sustainable growth of Mabuchi Group and enhancement of corporate value and participate in the discussion proactively to analyze our current situation and determine the course of future action.

Outside Director  Mitarai Naoki