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Risk Management

In order to carry out global business activities and ensure a sustainable growth trajectory, we are working to enhance and strengthen risk management for reducing and minimizing various risks in diversified business activities.

Risk Management System

Based on the Basic Policy on Internal Control, a director in charge of overseeing company-wide risk management will be appointed, and a relevant department under this director will be established. In addition to establishing and maintaining internal company rules and procedures necessary for the appropriate management of risks, we have taken necessary measures, such as providing education and sharing common knowledge about the above.

Product Safety

Achieving such high customer satisfaction not only requires compliance with the quality standards and the safety requirements of products, but also that we take appropriate action when any defect is found in products. Specifically, we must explain the problem to customers openly and take necessary measures promptly. By taking prompt action, it is possible to prevent the problem from expanding to an unexpected degree.

White Logistics movement Campaign

Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd. agreed to the purpose of "White Logistics Promotion Campaign" advocated by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
Under Mabuchi Group's corporate philosophy of "contributing to the international community and its continuous expansion," we will deliver our products to customers on the premise of safety, quality, and legal compliance, which connect to contribute to the whole society. We believe that this is a necessary effort to continue to be a company needed in society and will aim to further realize "white logistics" with mutual understanding and cooperation with our business partners and logistics companies.