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By actively promoting diversity, we are working to create an environment in which the Mabuchi Group employees can be active around the world without being limited to countries or regions. We have always been hiring and promoting regardless of nationality or gender. In recent years, we have been putting more effort into it and aiming to create new value by taking advantage of each feature by having a global sense among all our employees.

We were granted the highest grade of "Eruboshi" certification

Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd. has been certified as an "Eruboshi" ('L Star': L stands for Lady, Labor and Laudable) company with the highest grade by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in August 2020 based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

The "Eruboshi" certification recognizes those companies that excel in promoting women's success in the workplace. Recipients must meet the following 5 conditions to be awarded: (1) Employment, (2) continued employment, (3) working styles (length of workday, etc.) (4) ratio of women in management positions, and (5) diverse career progression.

We have promoted diversity under our management guideline "People are the most important managerial resource. Realize human potential through work and teach people to become productive members of society." In the future, we will continue to actively promote the active participation of women, and actively work to create a workplace where each employee can realize their own self, realize their own growth, and feel rewarding.

Received 3.5 stars in “5th NIKKEI Smart Work Management Survey"

Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd. has been awarded 3.5 stars in “5th NIKKEI Smart Work Management Survey,” which selects leading companies that are challenging a productivity revolution through reforms in the way they work.

The survey, which has been conducted by Nikkei Inc. since 2017, targets listed companies and leading non-listed companies nationwide, and defines "smart work management" as efforts to maximize organizational performance through three elements: the realization of diverse and flexible work styles, a system for creating new businesses, and the ability to develop markets. The companies are evaluated on a five-star scale.

Approach of "diversity human resources activity"

We are working to create an environment in which human resources with various backgrounds can play an active role, in order to realize the diversity our company aims to achieve.

  • Appointment of Female Directors

    According to the leaflet “Women's Activities and SDGs: Towards Sustainability” issued by the Cabinet Office this January (2020), there are 887 companies (out of 3,740 listed companies total) with a female executive ratio exceeding 10%. Our company is on that list.
    We will continue to work to promote gender equality in society.

  • Promoting active role of Non-Japanese Employees

    We have recruited people with a sense of globalism, and many Non-Japanese employees are playing active roles. In addition, local employees overseas are promoting their activities all over the world through the short-term practical exchange system and the base head meetings of each functional department.In addition to reqular employees, we also have an internship program, and we actively accept overseas university students each year.

  • Promoting active roles of female employees

    Aiming to expand the appointment of female managers, support for career development of females (setting of role models for female employees, meetings with female managers, and we are actively engaged in using human resources regardless of gender.

  • Support activities of various people

    Aiming to "live people through work", create a workplace where even for employees with handicap due to reasons such as disability, can work lively, by creating flexible working hours, barrier-free facilities, managerial education, etc.