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Approach to Human Capital

Mabuchi Motor's Approach to Human Capital

It goes without saying that the most important factor for a company to achieve sustainable growth in the global socioeconomic environment, which is changing drastically on a daily basis, is “people”.
In our Management Markers, which indicate how we should realize our Management Principle of "contributing to international society and continuously increasing our contribution", we have defined "by placing highest value on our people, we empower and encourage them to realize their potential and contribute to society". We believe that the most important driving force for us to continue contributing to the international society through our business activities is for our employees to demonstrate their individual abilities and thoughts in their respective jobs.
To this end, we will promote the creation of an organization in which each and every employee can play an active role while developing their own strengths and demonstrating individuality, thereby realizing our Management Principle and "continuing and expanding our contribution to the happiness of all stakeholders" as stated in our long-term management policy.

1. Human Resource Development Policy

Human Resource Development Policy

Recruitment and Promotion

In order to foster a dynamic corporate culture that promotes the creation of new value through friendly competition among diverse human resources, the Company hires and promotes diverse human resources, without distinction between new graduates and career professionals, based on the assumption that they share the Company's management principle and are not limited by age, gender, nationality, race, disability, or other differences.

Human Resources Development

We conducts training programs based on its own education system, with the Mabuchi Learning Institute (MLI) as the driving force, which is an organization that oversees the exchange (rotation) and education of personnel across countries, in order to continuously produce management personnel and professional personnel who can work globally, including not only employees of the head office but also those of group companies in Japan and overseas. we conducts training based on its own educational system. By utilizing a global educational environment with online learning through MLI, the Mabuchi Group will build a system to obtain broad and deep knowledge throughout the entire Mabuchi Group by fostering a learning organizational culture and quickly developing specialists by improving their level of expertise and skills.

Matching the Right Person with the Right Opportunity

We will promote an environment in which any employee who wishes to do so can obtain opportunities and develop their career according to their aptitude and wishes by combining a true meritocracy for executive appointments that does not depend on age or length of service, a multi-track personnel system and deepening career development, and a self-assessment system, and will realize the optimal placement of human resources with the necessary experience and skills. We will also create an environment in which any employee who wishes to do so can obtain opportunities and develop their career according to their aptitude and wishes by combining the self-application system.

Evaluation and Compensation

Our personnel evaluation and compensation system aims to accurately grasp the contributions of each employee in their various roles, to grow together with the company and employees, and to reward employees fairly and equitably for their contributions. We have introduced a system for managers and specialists in which compensation is determined by role, size of duties, and results, regardless of age, length of service, or other personal factors, and will roll out a similar system for general employees at headquarters and employees of group companies. In addition, we will establish an evaluation and compensation system that accurately assesses the contributions of each employee in their diverse roles and treats them accordingly. By clearly presenting this system and structure to employees, we will enable them to understand the connection between company policies and their own roles, and visualize the experience and skills necessary for self-realization, thereby enabling them to achieve their desired career paths.

2. Internal Environmental Improvement Policy

Internal Environmental Improvement Policy

Penetration of Management Strategies

We will strive to penetrate management strategies and policies in order to realize our management philosophy through the unification of all employees and their efforts to solve various social issues. In order to disseminate management strategies and policies, we provide opportunities for management to speak directly to employees (company-wide policy briefings and divisional and departmental policy presentations). In addition to the management principle itself, a leaflet summarizing the life of the founder brothers Kenichi and Takaichi MABUCHI is distributed to all employees as a group-wide effort to share the founder's thoughts leading up to the establishment of the management principle.

Mental and Physical Health

As part of our management marker, we are committed to "Trough our corporate activities we protect our planet’s ecosystem and the health of its inhabitants. " and we are actively working to create a workplace where each and every employee, including those at our overseas locations, can work in good health and with peace of mind, while respecting their fundamental rights as employees. We believe that healthy and vigorous work by employees, both mentally and physically, is the foundation of social life and leads to the enhancement of corporate vitality, and in October 2021, we made a "Declaration of Health Management". Under this declaration, we will support the improvement of employee health and further promote health management.

Increasing Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement is essential to the company's sustainable growth. We will conduct employee engagement surveys on a regular basis to identify and analyze trends and strengthen activities to improve employee job satisfaction and ease of work.

Promoting Compliance

We have established the "Mabuchi Motor Code of Ethics," which specifically outlines the legal and other social rules that all directors and employees are required to observe, and we are working to ensure that these rules are widely followed. We will continue compliance education activities under the leadership of the Compliance Committee at the head office and at domestic and overseas locations, and will hold various briefings and training sessions on compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms.

Work-Life Balance

We aims to increase productivity and create added value for the Company as a whole by increasing the number of work options available to employees and encouraging the realization of work styles that suit each employee's unique circumstances. To realize this goal, we are committed to creating systems and environments that support a balance between work and private life in response to diversifying lifestyles.

Conduct engagement surveys

We conduct an annual engagement survey targeting our employees at the Headquarters. In the survey conducted in July 2022, we received responses from approximately 95% of employees. The survey results have been reported to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, and we are now analyzing the results and identifying issues. We are also working on developing human resources strategies that reflect the analysis (the strengths and challenges identified by the survey). The July survey revealed that while employees were highly satisfied with their work environment and work-life balance, we recognized that there was still room for improvement in fostering a culture of challenge. Based on these findings, we have been implementing and strengthening initiatives aimed at building a corporate culture where each employee can accumulate success experiences and feel a sense of achievement in their daily work, enabling them to embrace new challenges.
We will continue to conduct surveys on an ongoing basis to understand and analyze employee engagement and strengthen our efforts to improve employee job satisfaction and work-life balance.

Fostering an Employee Culture of Deep Connections and Mutual Support

In May 2023, with the goal of fostering employees’ mutual understanding and expanding the circle of mutual respect and support for each other’s efforts and challenges, we launched a new web-based internal newsletter called "MAB TEAM," which is designed to enable interactive communication between employees. This internal platform features articles that highlight the efforts and aspirations of our employees. It shares the thoughts and experiences as they encounter professional challenges in their daily tasks and projects. We will continue to work to foster a culture of mutual respect and support through various initiatives, aiming to enhance employee engagement.