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Customized Motor

This content shows the typical ones among our customized motors.

High-torque Small and Lightweight Motor

Next-generation standard motors meeting needs to reduce vehicle weight; the motors provide double output per unit volume compared with our existing motors.

  • Relevant motors :
    SF-136SA, SF-266SA, SF-266SH, SZ-286WA, SZ-446WA, SZ-466WB, RZ-46BWA

Powerwindow Lift Motor

The motor that actuates car window-lift operation. With gears equipped, the torque, the speed and the output which are different from our DC motors will be produced. Also, the motor has special features such as water-proof mechanism and protection device. (A circuit breaker is incorporated.)

  • Relevant motors :
    GD-558RC/LC, GD-558RE/LE, GD-558RF/LF, GA-558RN/LN, JC/LC-578VA

Inner-rotor-type Brushless Motor for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)

This motor has achieved low mass, high output, and high efficiency. This is a general-purpose brushless motor widely usable for electric assist bicycles, nursery equipment, AGVs, exosuits, and robots.

  • Relevant motors :
    IS-92BZA, IS-94BZA

Vibration Motor

The small electric motor that is used for a vibrator application; the motor is generating vibrations by means of a vibratory weight attached at its top.

  • Relevant motor :