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Contributing to the environment through our products

Mabuchi Motor's Sustainability Policy states that "We will pursue the full range of possibilities of small DC motors to help resolve issues confronting global society through motors". By making motors smaller, lighter, and more efficient, we are contributing to resource and energy conservation in society as a whole.

Excellent energy conversion efficiency of small DC motors

In general, small DC motors are characterized by their excellent conversion efficiency of energy, electrical power. As a specialized motor manufacturer, we have further enhanced this feature by devising materials and magnetic circuits. While the energy conversion efficiency of general internal combustion engines is said to be around 30% to 40%, we have a lineup of motors with conversion efficiency exceeding 90%. This leads to energy savings in our customers' products and contributes significantly to improving environmental performance.

Motors that contribute to resource and energy conservation in all types of equipment

We believe that our mission as a specialized motor manufacturer is to help make people's lives more convenient, comfortable, and safe, and we have thoroughly pursued the possibilities of motors and refined their value.

  • Compact, Lightweight, and Highly Efficient
    • Reduction of motor material usage.
    • Contributes to improved fuel efficiency of vehicles equipped with the system.
    • Highly efficient motors contribute to energy savings in all types of equipment.

  • Quietness
    • In a quiet EV without an engine, our motors with quietness contribute to comfort.

Contribution by reducing the size and weight of motors

We provide a stable supply of high-quality environmentally friendly products, and contribute to resource and energy conservation in society as a whole by reducing the size, weight, efficiency, and power consumption of our customers' final products.
For example looking at the power window motor, the weight of the JC / LC-578 was 505g, but the GD-538 weighs 298g, which is 207g (about 41%) lighter, and four are used in one car. Therefore, the total weight is reduced by 828g. It contributes to improved fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction by reducing the weight of automobiles.

Creation of environmentally friendly products

Mabuchi Motor contributes to reducing the environmental impact of society as a whole by standardizing small, lightweight, and highly efficient motors and achieving lean production and sales, thereby making our customers' products smaller, lighter,
and more energy-efficient. In June 2022, we introduced a system to certify our products with outstanding environmental contributions as "Sustainable Products" and "Sustainable Products Premium".
By promoting the development and sale of environmentally friendly products, we will contribute to reducing the environmental impact of society as a whole. The direction of the environmental performance to be aimed for is set from the product planning stage, and the environmental performance is verified at each stage of development, design, and commercialization.

Number of Certified Sustainable Products (as of December 31, 2022)

    Sustainable Products: 20 models
    Sustainable Products Premium: 15 models

Examples of products certified as Sustainable Products Premium


Motor for mirror
This motor moves the mirror surface of an automobile mirror. It is both compact and highly silent.

Compared to conventional products Approximately 30% smaller and lighter, and 10% more energy-efficient

Motor for vacuum cleaner
By optimizing the magnetic circuit, this brushless motor is compact, lightweight, and highly efficient.

Compared to conventional products Approximately 25% smaller and 45% lighter

Creating environmentally friendly products

We regard it as the mission of a motor manufacturer to help make people's lives convenient, comfortable, and safe, and we thoroughly pursue the possibilities of motors and polish their value. The Mabuchi Group helps make life convenient, comfortable, and safe by using motors for various purposes.

Non-using Environmentally Hazardous Substances Motors

We manufacture products that do not use environmentally hazardous substances such as hexavalent chromium, cadmium, and lead. From the enforcement of the European RoHS Directive in 2006 to the present, environmental accidents have never occurred.