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Environmental Audit, Environmental Education

The Mabuchi Group periodically evaluates and reviews its environmental management systems to continuously raise its level of environmental excellence.

Types of Environmental Audit

Environmental audits are an essential way of confirming and verifying that the environmental management system meets the standards and is properly operated. Environmental audits are roughly classified as follows:

  1. Surveillance audit by an external certifying body (ISO14001)
  2. Internal environmental audit by an environmental audit department of the Headquarters for each department of the Headquarters and each Mabuchi Group company
  3. Internal environmental audit carried out by environmental audit departments of overseas affiliates
  4. Environmental audits by our customers for Mabuchi and by Mabuchi for our suppliers
External environmental audit by Bureau Veritas (Headquarters)

Outline of Environmental Audit

The Headquarters' environmental departments carry out internal audits on the suitability and management of the environmental management system, and the company's adherence to it. They but also to evaluate the results of environmental targets. They interview employees to know how pervasive environmental awareness is throughout the company. Furthermore, we make information available to the whole Mabuchi Group concerning excellent environmental management techniques and any matters that internal environmental audits have found to need correction. Through such activities, we will improve the environmental management level of the entire group.

Environmental Education and Training

Education in Waste Separation

Regarding environmental activities, we believe it is important for each employee to understand the relevant Environmental Policies, recognize the environmental management system and take the initiative based on an awareness of, knowledge on, and ability in environmental affairs.
For the purpose of training workers who can implement the above, we are implementing our environmental education and training system. For the Headquarters and each affiliate, we have established "general education" that each employee receives. Furthermore, we have constructed an environmental education and training system by job level, workplace and activity.

Mabuchi's Environmental Education System

of education
Employees to be educated Educational content Person/dept. in charge of
implementing the education
All employees
  • Basic Policies for the Environment, and Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Environmental objectives and targets of the dept. concerned
  • Related education and training
Office of the Environment Management Committee,
and Each department leader
Employees engaged in activities related to significant environmental aspects and environmental laws/regulations
  • Related regulations
  • Special practical work
Leader of the department in charge of controlling the activity
Environmental improvement promoters
  • Environmental impact evaluation
  • Procedure for setting objectives, targets and plans
Office of the Environment Management Committee
Internal environmental auditors
  • Environmental audit techniques
  • Environmental laws
Factory personnel at Mabuchi
  • Environmental education and training required for the activity
Persons to actually perform activity concerned
  • Seminars
  • Education for auditors
Various external environmental educational institutions