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Environmental Communication

Mabuchi provides wide - ranging information on its environmental policy and environmental management activities to parties both inside and outside the company.
We hope our customers and people at large in addition to our employees will have a deeper understanding of our approach to environmental conservation and related activities through our environmental communication.

Environmental Communication with Employees

Communication via Intranet

We have created and operated a database called "ECOLOG" that aggregates environmental information on our intracompany network..Through "ECOLOG", we share and utilize various environmental information.

Communication by Company Newsletters

We are using company newsletters to communicate environmental information to our employees and raise their environmental awareness.

Environmental education

Mabuchi's environmental education is organized according to the purposes and levels of employees to improve their environmental awareness.

Holding "Save Environment Slogan and Poster Competiton"

Winning works (poster category)

In order to raise the environmental awareness of our employees, the Mabuchi Group annually holds an "Environmentally Friendly Motto / Poster Work Contest." The award-winning works selected from more than 1,000 works submitted from the Headquarters and overseas bases are shared on the intranet to further raise environmental awareness.

Safety Awareness Poster Works Contest

Safety Awareness Poster 1st place work

The "Safety Awareness Poster Works Contest" was newly held from 2018. Under the theme of alerting to work-related accidents, 55 works that have passed the primary screening from Headquaters and overseas bases are finally judged, and 17 works are posted on the company intranet as award-winning works.

Environmental Communication with Society

Issuance of Integrated Reports and dissemination of environmental information through the Website

Integrated Report

We have published the "Social & Environmental Report" once a year and published it on the Web, but from the fiscal year ending December 2019, we have issued the "Social & Environmental Report" and "Financial Report". , "Annual Report" etc. have been integrated and "Integrated Report" has started to be issued.
Through this "Integrated Report," we will explain our attitude and situation of fulfilling our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and further enhance communication with all people involved with the Mabuchi Group.