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Mabuchi Group Environmental Policy

We aim for the sustainable society by carrying out our corporate activities without sacrificing global environment and human health, and by striving for continual improvement through our environmental management system.

  1. While complying with environmental related laws and regulations and other requirements, we make diligent efforts to prevent and control pollution, always recognize the impact of our business activities on the environment and control the impact based on our own standards.
  2. In order to realize the more sustainable society and reduce the environmental burdens associated with our business activities, we focus on the following:
    1. As a response to climate changes, we actively work on energy saving, renewable energy use, resource saving, recycling, and waste reduction, in order to reduce CO2 emission toward carbon neutrality and make effective use of limited resources.
    2. In our products and production processes, we thoroughly manage any substances of concern and seek to switch to equivalent alternative substances as much as possible.
    3. We perform "green procurement" activity using environmentally-friendly parts and materials.
    4. We contribute to reducing the environmental impact on whole society promoting development and sale of environmentally friendly products.
    5. Responding to the conservation of biodiversity as an important corporate objective, we promote initiatives considering the ecosystem.
  3. We actively conduct environment-related educational activities to raise the environmental awareness of each and every employee.
  4. This environmental policy will be shared with all employees and announced outside parties.

Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President
Established on: September 27, 1998 / Revised on: March 28, 2024