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Balancing Work and Life

The key to our company is “to position people as the most important business resource and effectively utilize them through work and nurture people who are useful for society.” We are also striving to create a stimulating work environment at every workplace, including overseas bases, by respecting the basic rights of employees and encouraging them to pursue self - development and self - fulfillment individually.

Family-friendly Measures

In addition to enriching work, we are promoting the creation of a work environment in which many employees can work for a long period of time so that they can work easily according to each stage of their child-rearing and middle-aged and older lives.
There are various leave systems, and we are raising the rate of taking childcare / care leave through efforts to deepen understanding in the workplace.
Going forward, we will continue to implement measures that can accommodate the diversification of lifestyles, build a system that enables each person to achieve a work-life balance, and create a rewarding workplace environment.

Acquired “Tomonin” as a company working on a “workplace environment where work and care can be balanced”

As a company that is working to create a work environment where employees can balance work and nursing care, we have acquired Tomonanin from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
We will continue to improve the work environment where both work and nursing care can be solved, and we will solve social problems that increase the number of employees leaving for the care of their families.

Acquisition of next-generation certification mark “Kurumin”

A company that formulates a general business owner action plan (*) based on the Next Generation Development Support Measures Act, achieves the goals set in the plan, and meets certain standards is certified as a “child-rearing support company”. The certification of companies that have received this certification is the “Kurumin Mark”.
We will continue to create workplaces that support both work and child-rearing in order to support the healthy development of children who will lead the next generation society.

  • The “Next Generation Raising Support Measures Promotion Law” aims to promote efforts to support the balance between work and child-rearing by companies, etc., in order to improve the environment where children who will be responsible for the next generation are present. This law came into force in 2005.

About the “Frog Japan” campaign-support for the national movement to promote work-life balance

We establish “No Work Overtime” on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in addeition to we set “Health Promotion Day” four times a month in order to prevent and improve lifestyle-related diseases of employees. All employees clock out at 17:00 at once.
Besides we are educating managers so that all employees can take paid leave for more than 10 days a year. Also the work environment has been improved by introducing telework and satellite offices.
At the same time, we are also actively promoting improvement proposal activities and efficient reviews of work.

Participated in “Encouragement of Employees! Energetic Company Declaration” in Chiba Prefecture

We promote family-friendly measures, such as setting childcare leave that exceeds legal requirements and introducing a time-saving system for employees who are raising children, and participate in the “Encouragement of employees! Energetic company declaration” in Chiba Prefecture. doing.

To build an employee - friendly environment

  • Parental leave (three years) / Nursing leave (one year)
  • Support for self - improvement during nursing leave and parental leave
  • Leave for childbirth by spouse: Acquisition rate 100%
  • Low - interest loans for fertility treatment
  • Short working hours and exemption from overtime work for parental and nursing leave
  • Flextime System and Discretionary Labor System introduced
  • Encouragement for employees to take paid leave
  • Enrichment of welfare facilities, etc.
  • Introduction of Telework, Satellite Office and Mobile Work