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Communication with Employees

Educational Support and Qualification Incentive System

Support for English Learning

The Mabuchi Group is implementing the following programs to build a company-wide environment for employees to learn languages (especially English) so that employees can contribute to international societies.

  • Providing opportunities for people to take the TOEIC test
  • Holding TOEIC classes
  • Providing opportunities for people to use an online English conversation system
  • Running a short-term overseas study program
  • Implementing a trainee system, etc.

We are also aiming to improve global communication abilities by holding English communication classes with interns from overseas and holding classes for people to learn technical knowledge.

Qualification Incentive System

We are promoting employees' self-development by establishing the Qualification Incentive System with a view to creating a self-learning atmosphere in the company and encouraging employees to acquire a wide range of knowledge useful for business operations.
Also, the Mabuchi Business School (home study system) is held twice a year, and the cost of the education is reimbursed to those who complete the program so as to create an environment where more employees can actively learn on their own.

Self-Access Learning (SAL) Room

Self-Access Learning (SAL)
Room (Headquarters)

The in-house Self-Access Learning (SAL) Room was established for employees to learn foreign languages and study for certificate tests based on their levels as well as for group discussions in the Headquarters.
Computers, a wireless Internet connection, educational software and books, and English newspapers and magazines are provided in the room for employees to use to improve themselves.

Training for employees to learn and grow

Holding various types of training (Headquarters)

We regard our training system as one of the processes for employees to gain a self-regulating mindset and spontaneously learn and grow. We are providing training from various perspectives targeting persons from executives to new employees.

Overseas Bases Personnel Exchange System

We have been promoting the exchange of personnel to create unity as the entire Mabuchi Group, build a cooperation system, share information, and improve Mabuchi's overall capability throug h the increased opportunities. Specifically, staff members of overseas bases are provided with more opportunities to go on business trips to the Headquarters.
We will continue to enhance the system while implementing it on an ongoing basis.

Human resources development at overseas bases

Representatives of individual production bases of the Mabuchi Group are gathering every year and holding a work skill competition. Employees who did well in the work skill competitions receive awards. Similar events are held at individual bases, and employees are improving their skills through competitions.

Training for new base employees

When new bases are established, such as Mexico Mabuchi and Poland Mabuchi in recent years, we are conducting employee education under the guidance of Headquarters and other bases.
The Mabuchi Group as a whole works together to convey our thinking about manufacturing from the basics and to develop core human resources.

Various Events for Employees and Families

We hold a variety of events and to foster a sense of unity among all employees. For example, we hold garden parties and bowling competitions at headquarters, sports events and cultural exchange activities at overseas bases.

Garden party for the enjoyment of families of employees (Headquarters)
Bowling tournament participated in by departments (Headquarters)
Badminton competition(Dongguan Mabuchi)